Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How Do Online Classes Work?

All Dreaming Spires Revision courses have two parts to them.  
One part is available 24/7. This includes forums (like email), presentation files which I upload after class, and resource materials which are helpful to have for revision.
      The other part of the course is the live portion, when I give talks via my computer, using slides for illustrative purposes, all the while having students type their text-based chat in an additional window on screen. 

Once the ten days’ live class portion of the course finishes, your child should set aside time to sit the two papers as though they were the real exams, and then send them to me.  I will mark them and return them.

Should your child wish to have any additional tuition beyond the revision course itself, I also offer one-on-one tuition on-line via this same delivery system, or by Skype.  You can make enquiries about schedules and costs for this at any time during or after the revision course in April.

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