Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Personal Side of Online

Tutor and Students Come Together at Canterbury
People sometimes say they prefer face-to-face tutorials because on-line classes can be so impersonal, but I’ve found it to be a different story when I’ve been teaching on-line tutorials for Dreaming Spires.
For one thing, we are able to chat throughout the weeks of the course, both during the hourly class time, and also through the forums as and when we like. This translates into considerably more chat-time than in a weekly face-to-face meeting.
I think the relationship on-line is more informal, too.  You can, for example, use the forums to have chats about your life or your other courses and not be worried you’re wasting someone’s time — they only respond if they choose to, and when it's a suitable time for them.
Best of all, I had an opportunity this past summer to meet with one of my students and his family, even though he was from India. He had come over to visit family and take his exams, and we were able to rendezvous at Canterbury Cathedral, enjoy a picnic on the lawn, tea at the cafe, and an enjoyable few hours amongst the history and architecture of a magnificent building.
So, anyone who says that on-line learning is impersonal has perhaps been on the wrong on-line courses!

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