Register for the Next CAIE 0500 Course

Registration is now open for the August 2019 crammer, getting ready for October 2019 CAIE exams. Check back in August for January 2020, and Easter 2020 offerings.

In the meantime, you can buy the revision guide from Amazon if you're going to sit the Oct/Nov 2019 exam.

If you're planning to sit the 2020 exams, please wait for the updated revision guide to come out since the paper is changing quite dramatically. It will be a GREEN cover!


  1. Connor would like to do the April daily course please.

  2. Hi my 15 year old son Phoenix is preparing for his Igcse in English and we are very interested in your course. He passed the bksb English two years ago yet although he has creatively written in the time since he has not been practicing formal exam style English. I wonder if there is space in the January course and if he would be ready for this? Or if he should work more at home (Portugal) and inscribe for the easter course? Also please could you advise us on a workbook for Igcse as we are finding many books online for gcse English yet not Igcse. Or is it OK to work from a gcse work book? Thanks in advance for your help. I look forward to hearing from you. Zoe Shekinah

  3. Hi ya, Zoe - thanks for reaching out to us. We've got him on the Easter course now and look forward to working with him!