Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A New Series about Exam Tips - Doing Things in the Right Order

No matter how many times I teach my crammer students that a certain CIE question is best answered with five distinct steps, they will still insist on doing the steps out of order or leaving some of them out.

Today, my son helped me make a video to stress the importance of doing things in the right order.

You can find it at this link here:

If there's a recipe,
follow the steps in the right order

At the risk of over-explaining the video, I'm going to describe what's happening in it. (The time-lapse feature means sometimes it's hard to follow)

  1. First, he tries to make porridge by putting the bowl in the microwave -- empty!
  2. Then he puts in the milk, and while I'm getting the oats, he also adds honey.
  3. I give him a fresh bowl, and he pours all the oats into the bowl. I mean, ALL the oats!
  4. So, we take oats back out and pour in only the right amount. (This is important for the specific question, which wants only small selections of text).
  5. Now the milk goes in. 
  6. Then we cook it -- this is relevant to taking time to think about it! 
  7. Finally, the honey goes in, making a nice and scrummy breakfast, and the result gets a 10 out of 10 (My sign that says this isn't readable on the video).

If you're one of my crammer students, you'll know exactly which question I'm talking about (and exactly which super-secret technique I'm referring to), but even if you're not "in the know" on the details, the fact remains: some things just need to be done in the right order!

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