Thursday, 11 August 2016

CIE Results are in, and Dreaming Spires students are over the moon!

Today is the annual rite of GCSE results, and I've felt such a part of it after receiving all the lovely emails from students who took the Dreaming Spires crammer course earlier in the year.

Below is just a small sample of their effusive reports, but remember that I'm teaching my online crammer again from 22nd of August (7 pm).

As always, I'll be sharing all the tips and tricks from being a current examiner.

If you can't make the live course, then you can get the next-best thing by buying my course book here:


“E” did your English revision course at Easter, just letting you know she got an A*. (Much to her surprise:-) )


Dear Dr P,

I got my results for my English language GCSE today and was overjoyed to see that I had received an A*. I cannot believe it. I had not dared to let myself expect such a mark. I still haven't got over my shock! Thank you very much for your course. I could not have done this well in the exam without your help.

By the way, I am still doing copywork (which I hadn't heard of till your course) every day. It is satisfying in itself, but even more so when I can see the effect it has had on my writing.


“K” is delighted as this is her highest mark yet and her last IGCSE.


Thank you so much for all your hard work helping my 3 achieve their grades, and with the extra papers too.    


“R” and I want you to be the first outside our family to know that she got an A* (Percentage Uniform Mark 95) in her CIE IGCSE 0500 First Language English May 2016 exams!

Your Course is the one that raised “R”'s game to the standard of an A*.  We are very grateful to you for your invaluable input and would gladly recommend your course to anyone. 


Dear Dr P
I heard my IGCSE CIE English Lang result today:
I got an A* :)
Thank you for all your help in teaching me, and I hope you have a good year!


Good morning Kat,

Good news for “A” this morning. He got that A* so he is pleased-91%. We are thankful that he took it early now!

So very many thanks for your help, love and advice to him for this exam. I am sure it made all the difference.


Miss P is very happy to have gained an A in English with a score of 85. Very happy bunny!


This is just to say that I got an A* as the result for my English language paper (which I am extremely happy about), and am very pleased to tell you that I think that this result is largely down to your course. Thank you for all your help and excellent tuition.

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