Sunday, 1 May 2016

Getting Ready for the Exam ...

It's only about 48 hours now till many candidates are due to sit their first part of the 0500 CIE iGCSE English Language exam. The nerves are probably jangling.

It's coming! It's coming!!!!
To my mind, though, they have each done about as much as they can do, and revising another paper or writing another story isn't probably going to help much now.

Instead, the best thing they can do is get out a blank sheet of paper and just write about the exam, such as the fact that there are two passages in the insert, one of which will go for Questions 1 and 2, and the other one, for Questions 3a and 3b.

They can remind themselves that Question 1 will want them to re-vamp the information in a different format with a different viewpoint, and no matter how the exam board might word their question, it's looking for how well a student can both re-iterate what's said in the insert and how well he or she can read between the lines. They need to remind themselves that it's best to follow the question's bullet points to organise their answer, and to not just repeat the information from the insert, but think about how they might develop the ideas a little bit.

This revision might be better tackled in a visual way, with a student drawing the paper, question by question, and doodling in the margins about what will be expected on each one.

The most important thing to focus on as the date and time loom upon you is yourself -- sleeping well, eating right, taking walks or other exercise, and limiting screen time in the evenings so you can get a good dose of night-time hormones.

Now it's time to relax ...
Finally, gather a few of your trusty pens -- a good, dark line, smooth, black ink -- and remember this most important advice: READ THE QUESTION FULLY BEFORE YOU START TO WRITE!!!!

Good luck, Everyone!

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  1. That's such a great idea to get the student to do revision of what the exam will be like, as it would really help to focus and calm their mind. Great idea! Thanks for the tip!