Saturday, 28 November 2015

Examining CIE in November

I can't believe I've agreed to examine for CIE again this autumn, but here I am, slogging away at A1, A2, A3 ... √√√√ ... exp ... dev ... all this little weird symbols that examiners put into the margins of scripts to indicate good practice.

The reason for doing this has nothing to do with money (examiners get paid pittance per script for the time it takes), but because I want to make sure that my advice to candidates on my crammer course is solid, up-to-date, and best of all, inside knowledge.

Dreaming Spires Revision offers inside knowledge
to home-educated students for the 0500 exam

If you want the best supplier of tips and tricks for your money, then you will want to sign up with me at Dreaming Spires Revision right now: I take only 15 students per course, and I'm nearly full before it's even December.

The tuition fee of £75 for 9 sessions includes marking a mock exam -- most tutors charge upwards of £25 per paper for this service, if they agree to do it at all, and few of them are current examiners like me.

For more details about how the online class works, see the Ts & Cs page.

Remember that siblings on the same course get a £10 discount, and should you miss any of the sessions, you can always catch up with recordings. 

Don't delay: register today!

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