Saturday, 25 April 2015

Twenty Get the Tips

Dreaming Spires Revision topped out at twenty student this year!

Dreaming Spires hit the maximum this year!

Dr Patrick taught the twenty iGCSE students from her home-town of Texas over the fortnight of Easter holidays, using the break from her other tutorial classes to visit her ailing father at the same time. However, the internet allows people to attend from all over -- Austria was on the list, too!

Except for the threat of a thunderstorm and a powercut, the ten daily lessons went without a hitch. Dr Patrick even worked out how to record each class and load it onto the unlisted YouTube channel. (It helped that the house where she was staying had super-fast broadband.)

Some of the famous sayings from the course were "Rolling on the Bed Laughing", "That's just the say it is," and "I know! That's bonkers!!!".


Now all the students have taken their mock exams and Dr P has returned them. Some really great work, including two perfect answers for 0500-33 Question 1. These are now being shared on the course's secure environment for other students to revise from.

Dr P is now geared up to marking the new spec this summer and so will have a whole new set of insider's tips and tricks for next year's Easter revision course, so bookmark this page, or get yourself on the mailing list for news about when registration will open. After all, twenty students is the limit!

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  1. Thank you for the course, it's been really helpful. I'm sure my son has a much better chance of passing now. :)