Thursday, 8 May 2014

Planning iGCSEs in November? Check this out!

In the past, Dreaming Spires Revision has been run as a crammer course just before the exam season -- a 10-day, one-hour-a-day intensive blast of all the tips and tricks that I, as an experienced examiner, can throw at a student. The success rate of As and A*s for Dreaming Spires students have been more than 90%, so I'm convinced that the formula and format work.

However, due to popular demand, Dreaming Spires Revision will be offered as a one-hour weekly online course instead of a crammer course starting from this September. All the same tips and tricks, but at a more leisurely pace!

The day and time is to be determined, but likely to be Friday or Wednesday morning.

Classes need a minimum of 5, but not more than 15, and enrollment works on a first come-first served basis. Cost is £75 per person, with a 50% discount for siblings. Referrals also receive discounts.

Please contact me at ASAP to reserve your space.

Important! Dreaming Spires Revision is aimed only at CIE iGCSEs -- that is, the 0500-set of English exams, and not any of the other exam boards. If you are wanting general English tuition, then see below about Dreaming Spires Home Learning

Are you part of a co-op and want to join Dreaming Spires Revision as a group?  
If you have a co-op which would like to discuss a convenient time for your group to have its own class, then please email me to see if we can make an arrangement that is agreeable to all parties.

In the meantime, if you think your child is not quite ready for intense exam preparation like this, but want an online English class, then consider signing up for Dreaming Spires Home Learning instead: a gentle introduction to reading good literature, and the techniques for writing about it. A 10% discount on its $325/£220 tuition fee for 30 one-hour lessons (plus $25/£15 non-refundable registration fee) is available with this unique discount code of DSR10. 

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