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August 2019 Course Dates and Times Now Published

Dreaming Spires Revision is the brain-child of Dr Kat Patrick, a specialist in English literature and language teaching as well as an examiner and on-line lecturer in Medieval, Renaissance, British Novels, and American Literature for Dreaming Spires Home Learning

Kat Patrick has been a CIE examiner since 2012.

She sees the need for some good, solid instruction on exam technique, but knows students throughout the world are often unable to access this teaching through traditional means. On-line education is the way to bring people together who are otherwise geographically far apart, and so, Dreaming Spires Revision is now offering such an opportunity that’s both cost-effective and convenient. 

Here's just a sample of the glowing testimonies from former students and their parents: 
  • "The revision course was just what X needed to understand what was required for each question in the exam and clarify that each question is looking for distinct skills. This technical angle succeeded in honing a much more general approach to English before that. I believe this course brought X's grade up from a B to his eventual A*."
  • "Thanks so much for hosting the revision course- I found it so helpful, and you put things in a context that I found so easy to understand.  I feel a lot less nervous about the exam now."
  • "[My daughter] now has a much better idea of what she needs to do as she now goes through and actually studies the course. Assignments should be be relatively easy now she knows what is expected as a final result."
  • "Thank you so much for the fantastic course, Kat. We were discussing amongst our wee group how much we would miss hearing your voice which has graced our homes the last few weeks of an evening! The kids all enjoyed it and found it helpful and confidence-building."
  • 'I would highly recommend this course. It is very engaging with excellent material and teacher support. My children were able to tackle the exam with confidence and they achieved ouststanding results.'
  • 'Fantastic course! It really helped me to understand what the examiners were looking for. Would highly recommend!'

Your solution for CAIE iGCSE English on-line exam revision
And now we have Edexcel courses, too!

What's on offer? 

Preparation for CAIE English Language or Edexcel Spec A IGCSE  exams.

What's the plan?
On-line discussion, question by question review of previous exam, revision advice. The CAIE course includes marking a mock exam.
What's the cost?
CAIE is £85. Edexcel is £70. Sibling and referral discounts available.
Why choose us?
Twenty-plus years' teaching; examiner; on-line tutoring experience; home-education friendly.
When's the next crammer course?

The next courses planned are August for CAIE on a daily basis. Edexcel Coming in October Half Term.

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  1. We have entered for IGCSE Edexcel English language. Your 8 day Easter crammer is geared to CIE, to what extent are the skills taught transferable,is there sufficient overlap of the two syllabi to make it worth doing for Edexcel?